“Your child can’t behave.”

“Your child can behave and
feel good about it.”

Meet The Peak Program, a transformative summer
experience for your child.







“We’re really sorry, but we can’t have him here any longer.”

Haunts the nightmares of every parent with behaviorally-challenged children.

Here, we say things differently.

“There’s a place for your child here.”

My son was struggling behaviorally in school. I was living on eggshells, always ready for a call to come take him home. He was constantly getting into trouble with the staff, and they didn’t know how to deal with it.

The Peak Program knows how to deal with him. They understand what he needs to succeed.

My son has been in the camp for 3 years, and thrives on the structure, stability, and support. He comes home from camp feeling calm, safe, and proud of himself for being compliant.

Mother of a 12-year old boy

“He’s a great boy, but he has a hard time listening.”

You’ve heard this before.

You heard it at PTA, the grocery, the doctor’s office.

Here, we say things differently.

“He’s a great boy, and he excels at listening.”

We don’t just say it. We don’t just believe it. We prove it.

Welcome to the Peak program.
A place where your child can excel behaviorally.

The Peak program is an inclusionary summer camp focused on improving behavioral and social skills, using a Behavior Modification Point System. Our program is for boys aged 5-12, and located on the grounds of a large local camp in Monsey, New York.

Get the benefits of a large mainstream camp,





with the personalized guidance your son thrives on.

My son is a loveable, fast-paced and smart kid that also has ADHD. Instead of sending him to a local camp to spend his summer, I wanted to send him to a program that he could actually benefit from. The Peak Program was above and beyond anything I expected. My son thrived in the positive and structured environment.

He was so proud of himself that he was able to be compliant, and in control of his impulses. He was more calm, more at peace with himself. He gained confidence from the sports training, and grew tremendously from the social skills coaching.

I highly recommend The Peak Program, and I wish this approach would be implemented in all educational settings.

Mother of 5-year old

You’re lost. Overwhelmed. Alone.

Your son is struggling. And you don’t know how to help him.

Who can understand your child?

Here, we say things differently.

“We’re here to help him learn the skills he needs to succeed.”

Social Skills





On Task

Not sure if we’re a fit for your unique situation?

We will be glad to guide you.

Who’s we, you wonder?

The Peak Team

Ari Krasnow, LCSW, CCATP

Clinical Director

Ari is the clinical director and visionary of The Peak Program. Read more about Ari here.

Shevy Krasnow MSEd

Program Coordinator

With years of educational experience under her belt, Shevy is the powerhouse that keeps The Peak Program running smoothly and efficiently.

The rest of our staff is comprised of committed counselors that went through extensive training in the behavior modification program. Many of them are professional educators and clinicians involved in the education and/or mental health fields. With a 2:1 camper to staff ratio, you can be sure that your son is getting all the individual guidance that he needs.

The Peak Program and my son Noam were a match made in heaven. I wanted a summer camp that would work with him individually and focus on developing his social skills. The Peak Program was that, and much more. They took an 8-year old kid that hated camp (due to previous bad experiences) and turned him into a boy that looked forward to every single day!

Noam was a changed boy. He was more cooperative, more compliant, and had better social interactions with his siblings.

Throughout the school year, Noam goes to the Sunday program, which helps him maintain his newfound skills. I'm so grateful and thankful for The Peak Program.

Brocha Strobel