“He doesn’t have friends, he doesn't act responsibly, he doesn't  listen to commands, he doesn't follow directions.”

“He can.”

Meet PeakUp, a transformative summer experience for your teen.


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Inclusionary  Camp Programs



Your son is struggling.

He so badly wants to succeed, but he just can’t seem to interact positively with himself and others. 

He’s like a tree in a desert.

(Trying to blossom, but can’t)

He’s like a fish in a sandbox.

(Trying to swim, but can’t)

He’s the right kid, in the wrong environment.

(Trying to succeed, but can’t)

But he’s not a failure.

He can succeed.

He just needs to learn the right skills and tools to help him navigate life successfully.

And we’re here to do just that.

Welcome to PeakUp, a place where your teen can thrive.

PeakUp is an inclusionary summer camp focused on combining a fun and thrilling camp experience, along with a comprehensive STEM and real-life-skills learning program. Our program is for boys aged 12-15 and is located on the grounds of a local camp in Monsey, New York.

At PeakUp, we’ll help your child grow from

using our tried-and-true innovative resources and programs.

Inclusionary Camp

Part of the crew, with individualized guidance. He will have a chance to be a camper, while growing his skills and responsibilities alongside that. He will also be given some jobs and responsibilities, to help him learn and manage accountability.

STEM Program

A chance to learn life skills, in a fun and non-threatening way. With our comprehensive STEM program he will learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in a fun and hands-on way. With the lessons, your child will discover real-world applications, spark his creativity and develop 21st-century skills including media and technology literacy, productivity, social skills, communication, flexibility and initiative.

Special Activities

Because life skills can be taught during activities too. Our program will offer special activities such as swimming, trips, and individualized sports instruction to help build his confidence and stamina. We will focus on communication, decision making, goal setting and problem solving.

Daily Discussion

Knowledge is power. Our daily discussion groups will ground him and confidently prepare him for what to expect in the upcoming day. We will also follow a daily social skills curriculum to help him start his day off on the right foot.

Real-life Practice

Practice makes perfect. By having tasks and jobs just like the other boys his age, he’ll have a chance to practice and perfect his newly-found skills throughout the day. Our staff will be on hand to guide and encourage him.

Social Skills

Gentle coaching, in real time. Our staff offers social skills coaching throughout the day, guiding him through his interactions. He’ll learn how to navigate social scenes and interact with others positively.

Not sure if we’re a fit for your unique situation?

We will be glad to guide you.

Who’s we, you ask?

Hi, I’m Ari

I’m the clinical director of PeakUp.

I’m also the director of The Peak Program – a summer camp that gives behaviorally challenged children the tools they need to succeed in life. 

In addition, I’m an LCSW and a CCATP (Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional) with a Masters in social work from the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. I’m currently working on getting certified in EFT (emotionally focused therapy) as well as a CDHWP (Certified Digital Health and Wellness Professional).

The rest of our staff is comprised of committed counselors that went through extensive training in the behavior modification program. Many of them are professional educators and clinicians involved in the education and/or mental health fields. With a 2:1 camper to staff ratio, you can be sure that your son is getting all the individual guidance that he needs.

He struggles throughout the school year.

He wants to be on par with his peers, but something’s just not working.

You tried speaking to him, you tried playdates, you tried the principal, but it’s still not working.

Try something new. Try something that actually works.

Curious what our parents say about our affiliate camp, The Peak Program?

“My son is a loveable, fast-paced and smart kid that also has ADHD. I wanted to send him to a summer program that he could actually benefit from. The Peak Program was above and beyond anything I expected. My son thrived in the positive and structured environment.”

“My son has been in the camp for 3 years, and thrives on the structure, stability, and support. He comes home from camp feeling calm, safe, and proud of himself for being compliant.”

“He was so proud of himself that he was able to be compliant, and in control of his impulses. He was more calm, more at peace with himself. He gained confidence from the sports training, and grew tremendously from the social skills coaching.”

Your son deserves it too.