You came here today looking for something.
And I hope I can help you find what you seek.

Hi, I’m Ari.​

Husband, and father of 4 wonderful children, who loves a good game of sports.

I’m an LCSW and a CCATP (Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional) with a Masters in social work from the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. I’m currently working on getting certified in EFT (emotionally focused therapy) as well as a CDHWP (Certified Digital Health and Wellness Professional).

Yes, that’s a lot of letters.

Because I have an insatiable desire to learn, to practice, to guide so that I can help more individuals live their best lives.

I’m also the Director of The Peak Program - a summer camp that gives behaviorally challenged children the tools they need to succeed in life.

Our camp model is based on The Diamond Program where I spent 3 years as a staff member, including one year as clinical director of their New Jersey location.

I spent the last 8 years helping kids, teenagers and adults with anxiety, emotion regulation, anger management, depression, self-worth, technology addiction, relationship struggles, and overall mental wellness.

“Ari is a professional that is totally committed to helping struggling children succeed. He truly cares about them, and intills in them the belief that they can be successful.”

Mother of 12-year old boy

Ari is an excellent social worker that has the ability to connect with struggling children on a level that most people can't. He knows just how to deal with them in a kind, loving, yet firm way. He takes struggling kids, and he molds them, teaches them, and helps them grow into more confident and content children.

Mother of N.S.